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The push towards digital government in Australia continues to gather momentum, with a recent request for tender from NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) for a Digital Medical Assessment Form another example.

Accounts payable is an area that is singled out for process improvement in many organisations. The business looks at number of people doing manual processing and believes it is a simple case of putting in document scanning, or electronic data interchange and savings will flow.

Nuance Communications Australia has announced the introduction of new versions of its capture software products, Nuance AutoStore 7 and eCopy ShareScan 5.4.

Forget service design, forget applications technology prowess, the most important aspect of any project is stakeholder engagement, empathy and communication. People make systems and technology work, not the other way around.

What are the key industry markets that the office printing and document imaging industry is exploring today? Is this the right move and are they attractive markets to move into? Would you consider them blue oceans or are they just more red oceans? Is this the right strategic move for the players and the industry? Will entry into these markets protect them quickly enough or will the transition be too slow and difficult to avoid the inevitable and ever increasing tidal change of the red oceans where they currently operate?

Have you ever struggled with why a team, a direct report, or a business group didn't use a software tool that "was purchased for them"? If you ever have been responsible for deploying software, you've probably encountered this.

While reading the Digital Economy Outlook 2015 report from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), I couldn’t help my disappointment for the country that I’m proud to call home. The country I’ve built a business in, the country I employ people within. Furthermore, it’s the country I’ve tried to help by being an active and willing voice in the push to drive the digital agenda. I was embarrassed by what I learnt.

Organizations rarely lack information in this new world of work. Unfortunately, information is gridlocked and unavailable to drive business decisions on the fly, according to new research from Ricoh and IDC.

H&R Block has broadened its online on boarding process to include a paperless background check that slashes staff and turnaround time.

There are many reasons organisations are implementing Document Management Software (DMS) to replace traditional paper filing systems, from superior organization and security to increased productivity and profitability. However while many anticipate the paperless office presents a win-win equation for both businesses and their customers, uptake is stalled in many industries as different inherent barriers prevent what seems to be a natural migration.