Business Process & Workflow

How does a global organisation with more than 9000 employees deal with document management, especially as it’s not regarded as a particularly cool topic. When staff at Head Office alone are generating more than a million documents a year, the challenge is formidable, and the idea of a solution becomes more attractive. For growing mining company MMG the response was to integrate OpenText Content Server and SharePoint with the aim of achieving an integrated search, collaboration and information lifecycle management solution.

Situated between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, Queensland’s Moreton Bay Region is one of the fastest growing urban areas in Australia.  Moreton Bay Regional Council (MBRC), Australia’s third largest council, has implemented an Objective ECM System for more than 1200 active users to support the delivery of more efficient and effective ways of working inside the council, and new digital services to the public.

Information management firm Glentworth has appointed Neil Makepeace as Chief Executive Officer. Director and senior partner of the firm, Makepeace’s appointment comes during a restructure of the growing Glentworth Board of Directors, with founder Neil Glentworth appointed as executive chairman.

A $US1.4 million mobile capture platform from Kofax is being implemented by a Top 25 global bank to simplify and streamline account openings in the Asia Pacific region.

The big news from the keynote presentation at the Office 365 Summit in Sydney this week was that there is no big news. We sat on the edge of our seats waiting for the long awaited Australian Office 365 services to be announced and got (drum roll) nothing. However, this is the cloud nothing stays the same for long. By day two of the summit, everything had changed. The Office 365 (and CRM online) services were now live in Australia and the sun had come out.

Lexmark is keeping the Perceptive brand, but renaming its enterprise software division, which will now go to market as Lexmark, though its products including Perceptive Content, Perceptive Intelligent Capture, and Perceptive Search will still bear the Perceptive brand name.

Objective Corporation has announced that Microsoft Azure will be adopted as the cloud platform for Objective’s content, collaboration and process management solutions, globally.

Brisbane Airport has begun trial of a Digital Departure Card for international passengers, removing the age old necessity of hand writing the official ‘outgoing passenger card’ (Departure Card) required for immigration purposes.

A $US1B buyout of leading enterprise capture vendor Kofax by Lexmark adds more weight to the capture and workflow software holdings of its Perceptive subsidiary, following earlier acquisitions ReadSoft and Brainware. It also potentially brings into play the huge channel network of over 850 partners that Kofax has established worldwide in raising the profile of Perceptive’s full suite of information management software.

Acrobat DC, a new product from Adobe, has been launched at the heart of the company’s new Adobe Document Cloud. It delivers free e-signing as part of the integrated solution, via eSign Services (formerly Adobe EchoSign), to allow users to electronically send and sign any document from any device for no additional cost.