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The Good Place” is an NBC TV series starring Kirsten Bell that finished up this year. It is an unusual TV series, not just because it concluded whilst its popularity was on the rise, but also because its core themes were philosophical

I first wrote about the differences between backups and archives almost 20 years ago. At the time, organizations were struggling to get to grips with the requirements to retain electronic records and the new-fangled world of e-discovery. So why are we still talking about this? And, more importantly, what’s changed? One word – cloud! And the right to be forgotten – more about that later.

2019 was the busiest year to date for Two Sides’ Anti-greenwash campaign. Globally, 388 organisations were found to be using unsubstantiated claims about print and paper’s impact on the environment. These organisations were identified by Two Sides throughout Europe, North and South America, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

There are many tools on the market now that can help you with your data governance initiative. In particular, there are numerous products that hold and manage your data glossary, data catalogue and data dictionaries.  These have proved very popular and the number of players in the market has increased over the last few years.

MinterEllison, the international law firm headquartered in Australia, is successfully using iManage RAVN to streamline an enormous document review project for one of its clients. The project – which involves a financial services institution undergoing remediation – requires MinterEllison to review more than half a million documents over a six-month period to identify which items need further follow-up by the client.

Penrith Council is undertaking a cloud-first digital transformation that will streamline the delivery of services to a rising population and at the same time lift the quality of those services.  Over the next few years Penrith is slated for massive growth with the opening of the second Sydney airport and its surrounding 'aerotropolis'.

It seems the business community, is crying out for systems leadership in a landscape which is getting more complex each day. A recent survey shows typical mid-size companies changed 39% of their SaaS apps within the last year. The role of the enterprise architect is under threat.

As supply chains become more global and complex, processes are becoming increasingly challenging to monitor and optimize. Identifying the root cause of inefficiencies can prove difficult without having a comprehensive view of operational workflows.

A Washington state-based startup, Docugami, has secured $US10 million seed funding to help develop am AI based platform that promises to transform how businesses create and manage documents for greater productivity, compliance, and insight.