Business Process & Workflow

For any technology-driven time saver it is imperative to ask: how will the time savings be spent? We’ve all read a lot about how spiffy new generative AI tools like ChatGPT can save workers time by writing first drafts of all kinds of content, from emails to internal reports to customer communications. So, when the effort required to produce content decreases, will that time be spent on other business activities, reducing employee stress, or producing more content?

Ever wondered what might be (one of the) secret ingredients for a successful, transformational IT project? Well, other than the obvious and well-documented stuff such as good Project Management discipline, you will also need a robust and effective governance, shared with your customer. It’s not an unnecessary overhead or an administrative burden. It is key to every project’s success.

Datamatics has announced the integration of Generative AI with Datamatics TruCap+, an AI-powered, template-free Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution.

Automation Hero has introduced new capabilities for its intelligent document processing platform that supports intelligent document forensics.The AI-powered platform helps determine if documents involved in any process have been potentially manipulated, combating fraud and ensuring authenticity. 

Australian solution provider UpFlow has obtained the distribution rights for Ephesoft in the Asia Pacific region. Ephesoft, a Kofax company, provides a range of Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solutions offered in the cloud, hybrid or on-premise.

New Zealand digitisation and workflow systems provider Desktop Imaging has announced a partnership with US digital intelligence company ABBYY.

Digital employees, such as chatbots powered by artificial intelligence, are increasingly utilised alongside human employees to create a dual frontline service, but how are customers experiencing this trend?

The newly-released Platform for Insurance powers underwriting and claims solutions so that insurers can use natural language processing to eliminate documents from review cycles, extract needed data and prioritize which submission or claims need an expedited review or to be assigned to a senior adjuster based on complexity.

Hyland has launched its latest series of product enhancements and solutions, delivering a key new integration for Workday and a variety of other process-focused features – including for its Alfresco platform – that improve user and administrator experiences.

BAI Communications Australia (BAI) is using process automation applications built on the Appian AI-Powered Process Platform to digitise and optimise Site Access Management. The applications, which help safeguard the company's employees, customers, contractors, sites and services, have significantly reduced processing time for site access requests.