Knowledge Management

For government CIOs, establishing an e-government model is just the first step on a journey to becoming a mature digital services organisation.

Handshake Software, a provider of SharePoint-based products and services to the legal market, has announced support for Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint Online with its portal and integration products.

Bamboo Solutions, a provider of solutions for Microsoft SharePoint, has released 11 products for SharePoint 2016.

As an Australian police officer prepares to encounter a suspected terrorist or criminal gang member, arrayed on his or her iPad mini screen are the up to the minute results of a comprehensive search of more than 1000 federal, state and territory police databases detailing all essential facts about the individual. This may not be the case today, but is the future aim of a major IT collaboration and consolidation program underway at the Australian Crime Commission (ACC). IDM spoke with Chief Information Officer Narelle Lovett to learn more about the quest.

Nuix has released version 7 of its patented processing engine, which extends the company’s big data capabilities to petabyte scale by giving customers the option of using Elasticsearch as the back-end database for Nuix case files. In parallel, Nuix will continue to update and support its existing architecture.

You’re not alone – the majority of people use email for communications of course (it’s the de facto standard), but also as a collaboration tool. Microsoft Outlook is now also the accidental storage system – a vast amount of an organisation’s knowledge resides in individual users’ inboxes.

Beezy Inc., a developer of enterprise collaboration solution for SharePoint and Office 365, has announced the availability of new capabilities through integration with Microsoft's Office Graph.

The days of an employee photocopying the client list or saving it onto a USB may be dwindling.  Employees are now "connected" to your customers and key contacts on social media.  Such connections occur as a matter of ordinary course with the approval of the business.  LinkedIn and other social media platforms provide a de-facto client list at an employee’s ready disposal.

Annotation and redaction capabilities are advanced features of document/image viewers. A group of users who share documents among themselves can collaborate via annotations on the contents of the documents. Redactions provide content level securities that enable the protection of sensitive information in portions of a document from users who have access to the entire document.

Hmmm … how long has that carton of milk been in the fridge?  Take it out and give it a sniff, then check the expiration date.  Whew, still good for tomorrow’s coffee. Unfortunately, knowing if your digital records will still be usable in the future isn’t quite so easy.