Knowledge Management

BA Insight has launched a new packaged software product that that provides insight into how users are interacting with SharePoint to help improve the user experience. Smart Analytics for SharePoint automatically collects data about the operation and usage of SharePoint sites, content, and search, whether on-premise or online, and distills it into a dashboard and an extensive set of pre-built reports.

Consulting firm KPMG has announced plans to apply IBM’s Watson cognitive computing technology to its professional services offerings. The agreement, including a focus on auditing services, builds on several recent KPMG initiatives demonstrating the promise of cognitive technologies.

Access Innovations, Inc. and dataCloud, LLC have teamed up to create Topic Seeker, a semantics-based solution for big data. Topic Seeker analyses text-based content and organizes it by topic, allowing publishers and other organizations to see changing trends in their respective fields, develop conference tracks based on current topic relevance, and many other applications.

PDF standards enable users to embed or include non-visible metadata within PDFs as attribute name and attribute value pairs. This feature can be used to embed referential metadata normally stored and used external to the files to help find or otherwise work with them. Here are some reasons why embedding metadata values can be a good idea:

For many industries data is not seen as a principle part of its operations, even in industries or companies where data is regarded as required; it is often subservient to the elements of its main business and therefore even those organisations/teams with departments such as ‘Information Management’; data is forgotten about, or disregarded, by many people as they focus on what they see as the important matter at hand.

Konica Minolta has invested in the med-tech start up Clevertar which creates digital agents or avatars in the healthcare industry. With applications available via iOS and Android, Clevertar's products have the potential to democratise health care and are already being used to improve patient outcomes in the diabetes and aged care spaces. 

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has announced the availability of HPE Investigative Analytics, a new hosted software solution that enables financial institutions and other highly regulated organizations to identify and analyse risk events, and take action to prevent them.

Recent announcements from Google and Microsoft regarding machine-learning capabilities will provide the ability to transform corporate Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system from a simple unstructured data repository into an oracle of corporate data.

How many times a day do we hear or read the word “data”? Then it is changed for “information” to avoid being used too often. If we adopt the proposition that “All information is data but not all data is information”; what does a business need to do with either or both?

IBM has launched the IBM Watson Trend App, a new way for Christmas shoppers to understand the reasons behind the top trends of the season and also predict the hottest products before they sell out. The app is available via a free download at the Apple App Store.