Enterprise Content Management

Immuta has announced the release of Immuta Discover, a new product for automated tagging and classification on cloud data platforms. Immuta Discover enables data teams to establish and maintain highly accurate metadata for the primary purpose of data access control, monitoring and regulatory compliance. 

Microsoft has announced a new collaboration with PwC to expand its joint incident response and recovery capability. In this global alliance, Microsoft begins the initial containment and investigation, bringing a deep understanding of a company’s infrastructure to help evict the bad actors faster and more effectively.

Cloudian has signed up a range of new partners across Australia and New Zealand (A/NZ) as demand for object storage and immutable data backup surges following a rise in ransomware attacks and data breaches.

AI has garnered a lot of attention in Australia and globally over the last years as businesses increasingly explore the potential to anchor their operational strategies in artificial intelligence. While big tech companies including Microsoft has stated that generative AI could add $40 billion to their top line and the generative AI market could drive an almost $7 trillion increase in global GDP, the big news is that  75% of companies expect to adopt AI technologies over the next five years and according to Deloitte, there will be seven times as much invested annually in AI by Australian businesses in 2020 compared to today.

Microsoft is adding updates to Syntex, its content understanding, processing, and compliance service, that leverages content AI and machine learning to provide an end-to-end Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution.

Australia’s Knowledge Corporation has announced a major update to the RecFind ECM platform, with the release of V7.0 that now includes integration to the Microsoft Power Platform.

Data orchestration platform PurpleCubeAI has announces its latest offering, Cognitive Data Insights, offering English language querying on both structured and unstructured data, automated data quality assessment and improvement and automated business glossary generation, enrichment, and standardization.

Microsoft's Purview Communication Compliance, integrated with Viva Engage, now employs state-of-the-art machine learning classifiers and keyword recognition to identify and address inappropriate conduct. This includes the ability to detect and remediate regulatory compliance violations.

OpenText has announced the latest release of its Cloud Editions (CE) 23.4, which includes OpenText Aviator artificial intelligence (AI). Aviator empowers organizations to swiftly act on their data, make sharp decisions and evolve with intelligent tools that learn over time.

In Oceania, higher levels of understaffing (65 percent); somewhat or significantly underfunded cybersecurity budgets (61 percent); and lower confidence in their organisation’s ability to detect and respond to cyber threats (only 36 percent are completely or very confident), have been revealed in ISACA’s annual research report, State of Cybersecurity 2023, Global Update on Workforce Efforts, Resources and Cyberoperations.