Enterprise Content Management

​Metro North Hospital and Health Service received the Digital Transformation Award at the 2022 Micro Focus IM&G Forum. Tracy Formosa, Manager, Corporate Information Management, outlines a recent successful project to implement a Case Management System at Metro North Health.

NSW is set to become the first state or territory in Australia to have a mandatory notification scheme for its government agencies to respond to breaches of NSW citizens’ personal data.

Some of the world's largest and most secure organizations, including large banks and governments, use Ohalo's Data X-Ray to understand unstructured data across their hybrid environments, reduce risk and avoid penalties for non-compliance. 

Seriously? We’re still talking about ransomware in 2022? Yes. Yes, we are. We’re still talking about ransomware because it’s still a serious problem for organizations. There are attacks happening frequently around the world and can leave lasting effects on organizations whether they end up paying a ransom or not.

The first step to addressing the myriad types of risk that need to be managed in an organisation is understanding risk appetite and tolerance. ISACA has released two new resources that offer guidance in both areas: the Using Risk Tolerance to Support Enterprise Strategy white paper and Risk Scenarios Toolkit.   

Located in the south-eastern coastal region of NSW, Shoalhaven City Council has completed a project to integrate the TechnologyOne OneCouncil suite with its Content Manager (CM) platform to ensure continuity for record-keeping and maintaining a single source of truth.

AppTek and expert.ai  have entered into a strategic technology partnership to bring AI-based text analytics to dynamic audio content in multiple languages. The partnership leverages AppTek's leadership in Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Neural Machine Translation (NMT) technologies with expert.ai's natural language understanding (NLU) capabilities to enable organizations to leverage audio content in the unstructured data sets that they manage for improving decision making and augmenting intelligent automation.

A survey of global data leaders that highlights the current and future state of data policy management practices, including the top criteria for data management tools and the roles organizations are recruiting to handle data policy enforcement efforts. The 2022 Data Policy Management Report surveyed 600 US and European data leaders, and was commissioned by Immuta and conducted by 451 Research, the enterprise technology research unit of S&P Global Market Intelligence.

CogniVision OneView is a new patented universal viewer for Microsoft SharePoint that is claimed to dramatically reduce the time to review and find information from search results - by a factor of ten.

Pinecone Systems Inc., a machine learning (ML) search infrastructure company, has announced the release of a keyword-aware semantic search solution that offers accessible and advanced combination of semantic and keyword search results.