Enterprise Content Management

There has been a sharp increase in the number of Australians who feel data breaches are the biggest privacy risk they face today, according to a survey released by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC).

OpenText has announced opentext.ai, described as a new strategic approach to advance how its customers can solve complex problems by applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Large Language Models (LLM) with their OpenText Information Management software.

The National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC), a new Australian Commonwealth agency that began operating from July 1, has turned to the cloud for its enterprise software under long term contracts with Kapish and TechnologyOne.

Ever wondered what might be (one of the) secret ingredients for a successful, transformational IT project? Well, other than the obvious and well-documented stuff such as good Project Management discipline, you will also need a robust and effective governance, shared with your customer. It’s not an unnecessary overhead or an administrative burden. It is key to every project’s success.

Datamatics has announced the integration of Generative AI with Datamatics TruCap+, an AI-powered, template-free Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution.

Stravito claims to be ushering in a new era of user-friendly knowledge management with the launch of proprietary generative AI capabilities to supercharge the search experience and provide users with quicker insights in a more engaging and inspiring way.

Immuta has announced new vulnerability risk assessment and dynamic query classification capabilities for the Immuta Data Security Platform. These new features enable customers to promptly identify and prioritize security gaps, protecting sensitive data based on the context and sensitivity levels. When combined with Immuta’s data discovery and security features, these capabilities provide for data security posture management (DSPM).

Box, Inc. has announced a new plugin for Microsoft’s next-generation AI workplace tool, Microsoft 365 Copilot. In addition, Box announced updates to its integrations with Microsoft 365 that provide joint customers with enhanced features for sharing, editing, and collaborating within Microsoft Teams as well as Office products including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Concentric AI, a vendor of intelligent AI-based solutions for autonomous data security posture management (DSPM), has announced archetype functionality for granularity and precision of data discovery and protection. Archetype in the context of data discovery, classification and risk remediation is a specific type of data or file that contains sensitive or confidential information, such as a contract in the legal industry, a tax form in finance services, or a workers’ compensation claim in the insurance field.

Data culture is the collective behaviours and beliefs of people who value, practice and encourage the use of data to improve decision-making. As a result, data is woven into the operations, mindset and identity of an organisation. A data culture equips everyone in an organisation with the insights they need to be truly data-driven.