Document & Records Management

Cybersecurity threats are becoming more challenging for businesses. According to PurpleSec’s Cyber Security Trend Report in 2021, cybercrime surged by 600% during the pandemic, increasing the costs incurred by cybercrimes at an astonishing rate. An effective cyber risk management program is indispensable to protecting your organization against cyberattacks. A risk management strategy should include using risk quantification methodologies to measure cyber risk and understand the potential financial impact.

Imperva has new data that shows cyberattacks against Australia in 2022 has grown in both frequency and severity at a rate that outpaces the global average.

Shareholders of Micro Focus International plc have approved the terms of the recommended all-cash offer by OpenText, with regulatory clearances the only possible remaining hurdle.

In the past three weeks, three cyber attacks resulted in identity leaks that have sent ripples around Australia. Has the triple-A of cyber security (Authentication, Authorisation and Accounting) failed? 

One: There are different understandings of the terminology within the same organisation

The application formerly known as SharePoint Syntex has been rebranded as Microsoft Syntex and now offers a new set of AI capabilities to automate content creation, indexing, and discovery. Syntex offers backup, archiving, analytics and management tools for documents as well as a viewer to add annotations and redactions to files.

Nividous has recently introduced improvements to its platform's Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) capabilities. These new advancements allow out-of-the-box data extraction from any document type (such as invoices, identity cards, and loan applications) and various formats, including structured, semi-structured, and unstructured.

With the Optus hack dominating headlines in Australia, ABBYY has announced the timely release of a new all-in-one solution that offers instant identity proofing and affirmation. ABBYY Proof of Identity simplifies document-centric digital onboarding processes while promising to give organizations confidence that customers, constituents, employees, and partners are who they say they are.

Icertis has announced the launch of Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) for Banking and Financial Services. The CLM solution is packaged with out-of-the-box functionality that includes a range of contract types, rules to identify obligations, and workflow and reporting to support specific challenges in business processes across front, middle, and corporate offices of Banking and Financial Services organisations.

Your hard work is finally paying off: after months of planning, preparing, and piloting, you are finally ready to launch your new Microsoft 365 (M365), Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online, or other collaboration platforms. Your team is on its way to better digital collaboration and streamlined productivity. Once it’s implemented, you can finally relax, right?