Document & Records Management

Filevine, a legal work platform, has launched .vine, a document format designed for legal drafting. It powers Filevine Document Assembly, a document generation tool that replaces word processors such as Microsoft Word and Google Docs. Document Assembly auto-populates data, clauses and other information stored in Filevine to accelerate legal document generation and ensure accuracy.

Inspectorio has introduced new document and collaboration technology that eliminates paper processes, streamlines workflows, and ensures regulatory compliance for the supply chain

Pinecone Systems Inc., a machine learning (ML) search infrastructure company, has announced the release of a keyword-aware semantic search solution that offers accessible and advanced combination of semantic and keyword search results.

Despite a 2% reduction in the number of Freedom of Information (FOI) requests received by Australian Commonwealth Government agencies in 2021-2022 Financial Year, FOI processing costs jumped by 5%, driven largely by increased expenditure on legal advice and litigation.

ProcessMaker has announced the acquisition of the intelligent document processing specialist Doculayer, based in Amsterdam. Through the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence, Doculayer can classify and extract meaning and data from documents.  Doculayer’s intelligence can handle not only structured data that resides in known forms and tables, but also completely unstructured data from images, chats, emails, and more.

Swiss email and data hosting service Sekur Private Data is releasing an enterprise version of its popular SekurMessenger for businesses and government organizations requiring message archiving and mass onboarding of employees.

The University of Western Australia is the oldest university in WA, opening in 1913 with just 184 students. Today, there are more than 27,000 students, and their activity generates an average of around 250,000 individual student records annually which need to be captured into Micro Focus Content Manager.

NetDocuments has acquired Worldox, a global document management system (DMS) provider specialising in the legal technology sector.

Evisort has updated its no-code contract intelligence platform with enhanced AI and expanded platform capabilities to make the contract lifecycle easier, faster and more reliable for global teams. The improved user experience features enhanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, multi-language capabilities, and an expanded intelligent clause library for more efficient drafting and more confident negotiation.

Lexmark has announced updates to its Lexmark Cloud Services Platform, including Lexmark Translation Assistant (LTA), a solution that provides realtime document translations services.