Business Process & Workflow

Every industry and area of technology has its own jargon - the words, phrases, and abbreviations that are largely meaningless to outsiders but common to the people within each sector. In our industry, the difference between two terms often requires clarification: document capture, and intelligent document processing, or IDP. These terms are related, but quite different in their scope.

Tungsten Automation, formerly Kofax, has unveiled TotalAgility 8 offering new AI enhancements to improve back-office efficiency and human-machine collaboration.

The Secured Signing digital signature solution has been updated with a new version featuring a range of enhancements designed to make the signing process smoother and more efficient. These updates benefit users of the We Sign, Form Filler templates, and Remote Online Notarization (RON) platforms.

Intelligent document processing vendor Rossum has announced a new AI engine, Aurora, designed to focus on transactional documents, such as invoices, packing lists, or sales orders.

Organisations looking to make the leap into Generative AI with Copilot for M365 are now aware it is not a cheap add-on, so will need to consider alternatives. A new GenAI release from AI startup Writer promises to accelerate enterprise workflows by analysing images.

Deep Cognition Inc., has announced a “trainingless” intelligent document processing (IDP) solution it describes as groundbreaking.

Innervate has launched Experience Automate, a business process automation (BPA) solution for customer experience (CX) use cases that allows businesses to achieve more efficient workflows, reduce manual tasks and create an upgraded working environment for their teams.

Arcitecta claims to have addressed the challenges of transmitting data over low-bandwidth and unreliable network connections with new enhancements to its Mediaflux Livewire offering. With the latest Mediaflux Livewire, customers can securely and reliably transfer massive file volumes at light speed around the globe, fostering collaboration and allowing those in research, life sciences, higher education, media and entertainment, defence and other sectors to focus on their data, not the management of the data.

Kyndryl has announced the availability of Kyndryl Workflow Orchestration services, a generative AI-powered digital workplace solution designed to help organizations automate, speed, and streamline essential business processes.

The heart of the TCG Process mission is helping organizations achieve greater operational efficiency and agility, which is reflected in our priority of delivering future-proof solutions.