Email & Instant Messaging

A cloud-based, all communications-in-one archiving and records management solution for financial services firms has been announced by NICE Actimize, a division of NICE, a technology company that specializes in customer relations management software.

The use of “off-channel” messaging apps such as iMessage, WhatsApp, and Signal has landed 11 Wall Street firms in hot water, with the industry regulator, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), issuing combined penalties of $US289 million.

Business Email Compromise (BEC) represents one of the most insidious threats in the modern digital landscape, causing billions of dollars in losses worldwide. Instead of relying on brute force or sophisticated hacking techniques, cybercriminals conducting BEC attacks relies on deception, manipulation, and exploiting human vulnerabilities.

UK multinational Ideagen has acquired Australia’s OnePlace Solutions, a developer of solutions to simplify document and records management in Microsoft 365.

Concentric AI has released its 2022 Data Risk Report, which highlights a continued rise in oversharing of business-critical and sensitive documents.

Swiss email and data hosting service Sekur Private Data is releasing an enterprise version of its popular SekurMessenger for businesses and government organizations requiring message archiving and mass onboarding of employees.

Rossum has announced new email automation capabilities that help customers manage and proactively respond to a myriad of document communication tasks. These new capabilities make it possible to automate notifications and alerts, route payment and invoice information, acknowledge receipts, provide status and follow-up updates, all automated via email. 

Gone are the days when collaborating at work meant either blocking time off in the conference room, sending a quick chat to your co-worker, or posting a file on your agency’s intranet or extranet. Today, collaboration for the government is on-the-go, with a mix of employees collaborating cross-country or often from home; and while solutions like Microsoft 365, driven by the adoption of Microsoft Teams, aim to interconnect employees, the path towards security is less clearly defined.

Proofpoint has announced the launch of its Intelligent Compliance Platform, offering enterprises modern regulatory compliance safeguards while simplifying corporate legal protection practices.

Concentric AI, a vendor of intelligent AI-based solutions for autonomous data security posture management, has launched functionality that protects sensitive data shared as text or attachments across popular business messaging platforms, including e-mail, Slack, and Microsoft Teams.