Mindee Document Processing Does Away with Data Prep

Mindee has announced the release of docTI (Document Tailored Intelligence), an AI-powered optical character recognition (OCR) tool designed to revolutionize the way SaaS products process documents. The company claims it is the first intelligent document processing (IDP) tool on the market to allow the processing of any document type, in any language, without the requirement of data model training.

Much of data scientists' time is dedicated to data preparation, including tasks like cleansing and annotating data before it can be used to train a model. This not only underscores the extensive efforts behind data model training, but also highlights a significant pain point for product managers: the challenge of finding solutions that can both quickly integrate into their systems and meet their product’s unique needs.

docTI directly addresses this challenge by enabling product managers to create custom document processing APIs, test them, and integrate them in minutes rather than months.

"Mindee’s core vision is to deliver solutions that align perfectly with the specific needs of our clients,” said Jonathan Grandperrin, CEO, Mindee.

"With docTI, we're bringing a one-of-a-kind expertise of deep learning, computer vision, and large language models (LLMs) to provide the most adaptable, dynamic, and high-performing document processing tool on the market."

Building on Mindee's initial offering - an extensive API catalogue for processing common documents like invoices, identity documents, and more - docTI extends this capability to any document type, making it an essential tool for fintech, HRIS, legal systems, and more.

Mindee helps developers automate application workflows by standardizing the document processing layer. Mindee’s API helps companies avoid manual data entry and can be used in expense management, accounts payable automation, procurement, accounting, insurance, user and employee onboarding, loan applications, underwriting, and more.