Scanning & Capture

Infosource Software has released its annual Capture & Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) Vendor Matrix and accompanying report. The Global Matrix and Report ranks 20 leading Capture & IDP SW vendors, based on Strategy and Capabilities (y-axis) and Execution in the market (x-axis).

Evisort, a no-code contract intelligence platform for legal, procurement, IT and sales operations teams, has announced its next-generation AI contract processing with advanced OCR ingesting. Evisort's proprietary AI has made a massive leap in capacity - now ingesting and analysing up to 450,000 contracts per day.

Being ticked off in pencil on election day will remain a rite of Australian federal elections for some time to come, as the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) has issued a tender for scanning and processing of Paper Certified Lists for the next 5 years.

On a tour of the APAC region to meet with local Partners and Customers, Kodak Alaris President Donald Lofstrom, and Cassio Vaquero – Vice President, Global Sales, sat down with IDM in Sydney to outline the company’s plans to move deeper into document automation.

Parashift, a provider of advanced machine learning-based document classification and data extraction software, has announced a technology partnership with BSI, a leading CRM and CX software company. 

As the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) continues to grow and mature, transforming the lives of more than half a million Australians, intelligent automation is shaping up as an important tool in easing the growing administrative burden. The NDIS assists Australians living with a disability to identify the support they need to achieve goals in many aspects of their lives.

Document digitisation doesn’t need to be a time-consuming and tedious task, says Scott Maurer, President OPEX International. Next generation solutions from OPEX are creating new opportunities for businesses to achieve more in less time.

Scientists of AI-company Smart Engines have patented a system of efficient localization and identification of documents in images in the U.S. on February 7, 2023.

​Lately we notice a strong proliferation of diverse classification and extraction technology providers that base their service offering solely on Artificial Intelligence (AI). Based on various AI algorithms their claim is to extract all meaningful data from documents without any human intervention. has debuted new features for its Natural Language (NL) platform enhancing purpose-built natural language processing (NLP) workflow support. By employing a hybrid approach that combines NL techniques – including machine learning and knowledge-based, symbolic AI – the Platform gets the most out of unstructured data, like text in documents, applications and tools, to enable organizations create new business models, accelerate time to value and optimize processes.