Innervate Launches Low-Code/No-Code Business Process Automation

Innervate has launched Experience Automate, a business process automation (BPA) solution for customer experience (CX) use cases that allows businesses to achieve more efficient workflows, reduce manual tasks and create an upgraded working environment for their teams.

"Talented people have been struggling for years to orchestrate high-quality dynamic customer experiences at the speed the market demands - and before today, the world's business automation tools haven't helped much at all," Mitchell Weisman, founder and CEO of Innervate, said.

"Today, we're thrilled to launch Experience Automate, the industry's first low-code business process automation solution designed specifically for orchestrating world-class dynamic customer experiences. This new solution makes life better by bridging the gap between old-

Experience Automate contains a suite of tools designed to help companies elevate their CX as intuitively and powerfully as possible. The suite includes:

- Co-Pilot Interface: This tool helps craft interfaces tailored to businesses' unique needs. Innervate's custom front-end forms and wizards ensure every interaction is on brand and resonant. The interface can be set to speak the brand language, ensuring digital platforms automatically reflect the company's distinct language and naming conventions.

- Co-Pilot Agents: Agents handle repetitive tasks, from building to deploying, to allow focus on strategy, creativity and connection.

- Co-Pilot APIs: Advanced customization and comprehensive resources help those looking to push boundaries. Companies seeking a unique integration or a specialized feature have access to a suite of application programming interfaces, software development kits and documentation.

The Experience Automate co-pilot suite will free teams from being delayed by repetitive tasks and instead lead their industry by automating CX.


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