[Webinar] Micro Focus Data Privacy Manager - Bringing Structured Data Privacy & Encryption Functionality to CM Customers
August 13, 3.00pm AEST

Learn more about Micro Focus’s Privacy offering, with a focus on structured data management. See how Structured Data Manager can discover and manage sensitive data and explore encryption and anonymization use cases with us. Learn how to apply a Subject Access Request or Right to be Forgotten onto structured data. Includes:
-        SDM 7.64 Release Announcement
-        Encryption use cases
-        Privacy use cases
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ADMA Data Week 2020
August 17-20, 11.30am-1.30pm AEST

Be inspired by global best-practice, learn from leading edge data practitioners and take away pragmatic steps you can action immediately to drive revenue and create greater efficiencies.
We’ll be discussing the following topics
- Managing a Black Swan Event using data. How have Australian organisations used data to survive (and even thrive) in the current environment?
- From Data to Strategy. Good strategy is driven by good information. How should we integrate data into our day to day operations to fuel short and long-term growth?
- Telling business stories with data visualization. The key to making data-driven decisions is being able to understand the insight, context and implication of the data analysis. Data story-telling using smart visualisation techniques makes it easier to absorb and act on the data.
- Preparing for an AI / Automation future. Where will data take us? Voice recognition, Artificial Intelligence and new technologies are driven by data. How we prepare for this today will determine how well we survive and grow in the future.
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[Webinar] Financial Services Goes Digital: Streamlining Client Onboarding
Thursday, August 20, 11.00am AEST
The finance function is under immense pressure right now. Financial executives must keep pace with rapid regulatory change and meet demands for faster, more individualised services from customers and business partners—all while managing the new economic and operational challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Join us as we introduce and showcase how financial services organisations are:
Driving Customer experience and satisfaction - By automating the underlying operational processes that connect employees with customers.
Easily connect multiple sources of data to deliver relevant information in an intuitive way to make informed decisions, anytime, anywhere.
Remove silos of information and streamline work - Drive organisational efficiency by orchestrating and managing people, tasks, data and processes to provide end-to-end process visibility.
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AvePoint #ShiftHappens APAC Online Conference
August 25 – 27

#ShiftHappens has helped thousands of organisations in North America and Europe implement actionable modern workplace strategies that optimise their digital transformation. Now in this APAC event AvePoint is bringing together business leaders and IT professionals in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore and other members of ASEAN for this Free virtual conference.
Each day will feature sessions from experts that have been through it all, sharing best practices as well as success (and failure) stories on how they optimised their Microsoft 365 and SharePoint investments.
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[Webinar] 8 Ways to Enhance Your Organisational Effectiveness Using Micro Focus Content Manager
August 27, 1.00pm AEST

While a core system in every organisation we work with, Content Manager remains fundamentally under-used. In this session we will focus on some of the use cases that both enhance our clients’ organisational effectiveness and raise the profile of records as a business unit delivering outcomes through Content Manager.
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[Webinar] Wyldlynx - Reduce Privacy and Security Risk while Enabling Compliance – On Premise or in the Cloud, wherever it lives…
September 10, 1.00pm AEST

Please join Wyldlynx to learn how to reduce privacy and security risk while enabling compliance, specifically:
Analyse – understand what you have and where? “you don’t know what you don’t know”.
Protect – high risk, high value and sensitive data across multiple data sets
Data Privacy – Understand your data and associated risk level with it
Discover – personal, medical or credit information and automate information searches across systems
Dispose – of information that is no longer needed in a defensible way
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3rd Enterprise Architecture Summit 2020
September 14 - 16, 2020, Parkview, Melbourne

Enterprise Architects are no longer alone in driving Digital Transformation. The challenge for EA is to realign to business and customer needs before it is forgotten by stakeholders, and other business counterparts overtake the function in driving organisational change across technology and people. Cross-industry experts will be providing a targeted focus across 6 key themes, all of which seek to enable improved outcomes in support of rapid organisational change.


[Webinar] Micro Focus - iscovery and Analysis of Unstructured and Rich Media Content
September 17, 3.00pm AEST

Introducing the Micro Focus solution to your data classification and processing needs for all unstructured or rich media data. With a focus on customers with an existing CM solution, we shall present the discovery capabilities of Control Point and Data Discovery and talk you through rich media use cases such as OCR processing or automated redaction. Includes:
- CP 5.9 Release Announcement
- Data Discovery Release Announcement
- Customer use cases
- Interaction with PM team
- Focus on Australian discovery dictionaries
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[Webinar] Micro Focus - Managing Teams, SharePoint & OneDrive Content Using Content Manager
September 24, 1.00pm AEST

In this webinar we'll demonstrate how Content Manager's SharePoint integration can empower you to manage your Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive content without interrupting your end-users. As part of this webinar, we'll explain how integrating Content Manager with SharePoint can dramatically increase your end-user engagement and show how end-users can easily work on documents directly within Office 365 while Content Manager automatically captures this information in the background.
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October 14-15, Vibe Hotel Sydney
Robust and innovative local & state Government ICT can drive organisational transformation from the way they interact with customers and deliver business objectives to enabling and empowering a digital workforce. It’s in this area DigiTech.Local.Gov will focus its content to showcase what can and should be done to help drive digital transformation throughout the organisations.


[Webinar] INFORMOTION - Content Manager + EncompaaS = A strategic and scalable manage-in-place compliance platform
October 8, 1.00pm AEST

This session will look at the wide-ranging benefits of combining Content Manager and EncompaaS to deliver a manage-in-place strategy for enterprise compliance. From freeing up your people to be more productive by removing the records management burden, facilitating enterprise search and information re-use, to increasing your enterprise compliance state. EncompaaS automates the discovery and capture of business records across enterprise systems like file shares and M365 (Teams, SharePoint Online and OneDrive), managing the content in place and automatically organising in Content Manager. INFORMOTION is leading the way with a strategic, scalable and modern compliance solution.
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[Webinar] Micro Focus - Learn How Filr Can Rapidly Expose Existing File Systems to Remote Worker
Micro Focus has announced that they will be extending the standard Filr Advanced evaluation to be for unlimited users until the end of September 2020. By attending this webinar, you will learn how Micro Focus Filr can rapidly deliver secure, collaborative, remote access to your existing file system with no requirement to migrate files nor reapply access controls, in an easy same-day setup. No costly, risky data migrations like many cloud file-sharing offerings. This webinar will discuss what Filr is, how it works, and include a client demonstration.


[Webinar] iCognition - Managing Information in Office 365 with Robotic Process Automation
iCognition has recently developed a seamless Office365 integration to Content Manager, which allows you to implement information governance to products like Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Dynamics and many other Office 365 Apps that are available as part of your O365 subscriptions. In this Webinar, iCognition will provide you an overview of the integration between Teams, SharePoint and Content Manager as well as show and explain the benefits our Office365 Integrated solution has to offer.


[Webinar] Micro Focus - Understanding Your Data and the Security of I.T
Data is critical to every aspect of how an organization functions, and it is constantly growing, which is why it's so important to have the right processes and practices in place to manage and secure company data. Data governance policies define rules within an enterprise according to several factors, including data access, storage, security, usage, and disposal. This webinar will show how the Micro Focus File Governance Suite of products address these and other issues through comprehensive data reporting and analytics, followed by a powerful engine that automates data governance tasks to optimize, secure, and protect your network data.


[Webinar] Micro Focus - Data Access Governance – Mitigating Risk Associated with Unstructured Data
With Micro Focus solutions for Data Access Governance, you can now gain the same level of control over unstructured data as you have with systems, applications, and identities. This comprehensive approach helps to ensure that the right people have access to the right information - including information stored in files on your network. This webinar will show how you can manage risks associated with unstructured data as part of an overall Identity and Access Management strategy.
·        Gain Visibility into Data Access
·        Automate Data Provisioning Processes
·        Protect High-Risk Data
·        Improve Governance through Access Reviews


[Webinar] FYB - Give Content Manager Users the Freedom to Collaborate from Anywhere
With the rising demand for organisations to work remotely, it's important to ensure that you are still meeting records compliance obligations. See how your organisation can leverage SharePoint and Microsoft Teams to collaborate and share information in real-time whilst ensuring records are being captured and managed with your authorised records management system.