A Rosetta Stone OCR Solution for Logistics Data

DDC FPO, a global provider of business process outsourcing and technology solutions for the transportation and logistics industries, has launched a new Auto-Extraction & Structuring solution.

"Today, companies are inundated with a staggering 80% to 90% of unstructured data," said DDC FPO Chief Information Officer Richard Greening. "Every label or form is unique. While there may be some standardization, the vast amount is free form.

Within seconds of receipt, DDC FPO’s Auto-Extraction & Structuring& solution captures and cleanses, and structures raw data into vital information and transmits it into client systems.

"That 80-90% slows down operations," Greening explained. "We are committed to removing that burden from our clients' teams."

The new Auto-Extraction & Structuring solution from DDC FPO engages automated machine learning technology to cleanse and structure raw data from freight documents into vital information, applies client business rules, and transmits information via APIs to the client's preferred system– all within seconds of receipt.

The solution also intelligently learns with each document processed allowing for continuous refinement of the solution's processing capabilities.

Joining the company's technology suite of offerings, including the DDC Sync intelligent mobile data capture application, this solution is part of DDC FPO's roadmap to drive enterprise innovation in freight transportation.

"Data and analytics are central to every freight operation, and optimizing for digitization is key for those providers pursuing a competitive advantage in the supply chain," added Greening. "To achieve that, one step is to ensure TMS and accounting systems obtain structured information at the time of pick-up."

Auto-Extraction & Structuring delivers precise and timely data seamlessly to customers' preferred information management systems. Some benefits include:

- Addressing the challenge of consolidating data from diverse sources, including emails, PDFs, images, invoices, paper files, contracts, and more

- Providing superior service by proactively routing shipments, optimizing capacity, and invoicing customers accurately

- Increasing profitability by streamlining collection processes and reducing administrative time, errors, and costs

- Continuous improvement and growth by intelligently learning with each document for ongoing refinement and increased speed without human intervention