AI solution enabling data capture with GS1 certification

Productsup has launched a new product offering within its P2C platform, Product Guard PX, which enables brands and manufacturers to make their product data readily available for syndication to all retailers, distributors, marketplaces, and data pools in any required format, securely and quickly.

"Demand for product data excellence is rising across all industries in response to changing consumer behaviour and regulatory compliance. In fact, many of today's retailers only accept GS1-certified product data," said Marcel Hollerbach, Chief Innovation Officer at Productsup.

"But complying with GS1 data standards is very difficult for brands, as there are thousands of unique standards within data pools globally. It's an extremely time-consuming, resource-intensive, and error-prone process that requires ongoing maintenance to keep up with changes to packaging and ingredients. That's why we've engineered the Productsup platform to make data sharing as easy as possible for our customers and safeguard their brand reputation and operational efficiency."

With Product Guard PX, companies can capture product content from any product label or artwork, and in any language or category, and receive GS1 certification within 48 hours.

Bringing optical character recognition (OCR) and AI together, the solution captures data according to GS1 standards. The feature uses a combination of machine learning models trained in line with GS1 to extract all relevant information from product labels. Product Guard PX includes the following technical components:

- Proprietary, state-of-the-art, multilingual Machine Learning-based attribute extractor

- Automatic data validation against the GS1 data model

- Custom Computer Vision models for logo and visual extraction

"Product Guard PX represents a pivotal leap forward in simplifying the complexity of data compliance," said Thomas Kasemir, Chief Product Officer at Productsup.

"Thousands of brands are reliant on our P2C platform to create and distribute perfect product content globally. As an official GS1 partner, we're proud to offer advanced AI tools that revolutionize data accessibility, build consumer trust, and catalyze growth for businesses worldwide."