Kodak Alaris and Ephesoft Partner on Intelligent Document Automation

Kodak Alaris and Ephesoft have formed a strategic alliance to deliver intelligent document processing solutions to the APAC region. Building on a successful relationship serving customers in Europe, Kodak Alaris staff in Australia and New Zealand recently completed training with Ephesoft Transact to bring the joint solution to the APAC market.

“Bringing the two companies together is a winning formula for our Australian and New Zealand customers,” said Angelo Krstevski, General Manager ANZ, Kodak Alaris. “The combination of Kodak Alaris’ best-in-class image quality and Ephesoft’s AI and machine learning technologies will deliver significant efficiency gains for many businesses.  We can now provide an end-to-end solution that delivers intelligent document automation workflows.”

Ephesoft Transact uses supervised machine learning to automatically recognise different document types and layouts. It then extracts relevant data and routes it to the right destination in the required format. Each time a user makes a correction the system becomes smarter, learning new layouts and document types over time.

The platform seamlessly classifies, extracts, validates, and exports data into EHR, ERP, CRM, ECM, RPA, workflow, or other line of business systems to help organizations leverage their critical business information quickly and accurately.

The two companies will deploy the INfuse Smart Connected Scanning Solution from Kodak Alaris, which integrates with partner applications to make it easy for businesses to onboard data directly into their business processes and systems.

With the INfuse Solution, partners can create customized solutions that enable customers to move document capture to the point of transaction or intake.

Stephen Lee, Vice President at Ephesoft Inc. noted, “The market has been strong for RPA and BPO solutions, and now people are focusing on how they can get clean data into their systems for us to classify and extract with the intelligence layer of Ephesoft Transact. The types of platforms that businesses are looking for now must be thin clients and cloud enabled. The joint Kodak Alaris Ephesoft offering is agile and easy to deploy.”

“The strength of our combined offering with Kodak Alaris is Ephesoft’s platform that can be deployed in a wide range of scenarios, from invoice processing to customer onboarding, data compliance, financial services documents and more,” said Lee.

In 2021, Kodak Alaris participated in the Ephesoft APAC Hackathon. Over a 6-week period, participants were invited to submit their most creative use case for Ephesoft Transact, such as invoice processing, claims automation, onboarding, loans origination or tax automation.

Kodak Alaris Australia offered a solution for property management companies to help them manage the massive volume of documents they regularly deal with, including email correspondence with tenants and suppliers, contracts, invoices, inspection and certification reports, and more.

The solution can handle an enormous volume and variety of document types. It was recently recognized as the ‘Most Innovative Solution in Property Management’. It leverages the INfuse Smart Connected Scanner Solution from Kodak Alaris and Ephesoft Transact to accurately scan, classify, and automate invoice processing.  

Real estate agents often handle the property-related bills and rent rolls of their clients. The agents that receive this constant stream of documentation will process the paperwork and generate payments on behalf of the landlord.

This is a time-consuming and tedious process that consumes administrative resources that could otherwise be applied to driving new business. Each billing company, such as local councils, water authorities and other utilities, have inconsistent document templates, so traditional OCR is inefficient.

To streamline the process, Kodak Alaris and Ephesoft partnered to create an automated extraction process that generates payment data from property bills. All the key data required to make the relevant payments can be extracted and exported so that payments can be generated using the agency’s preferred financial institution. This significantly reduces processing time.

INfuse makes it easy to deploy scanners at different locations, with integrated management and one-button remote setup. “The integrated INfuse management is critical; people today want a modern, agile solution they can maintain themselves,” said Lee.

“Also, our clients do not have the luxury of being able to ask their customers for better image quality when they submit documents. The reliably superior image quality that scanners from Kodak Alaris deliver will add tremendous value and assurance for our customers.”

For more information on this intelligent automation platform from Ephesoft and Kodak Alaris, contact info.au@ephesoft.com or Angelo.Krstevski@kodakalaris.com.