OPEX launches resources for Asia-Pacific Customers

OPEX Corporation, a leading provider of mail and document automation (DMA) solutions worldwide, is expanding its resources with the launch of digitiseyourdocuments.com.au

Serving customers in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, India, and Hong Kong, OPEX has operated in the Asia Pacific region for more than 20 years. The company provides innovative DMA solutions to service bureaus (BPOs), law firms, banks, medical and health organisations, and various forms processing and archival agencies, including the National Archives of Australia.

The new dedicated Web site is designed to help better meet the needs of customers and resellers in the Asia Pacific region who can benefit from document imaging and automated mail technology that saves time and money while increasing security of their digital records.

“We are creating localised content and resources that demonstrate just how our next-generation solutions can help business,” said Kurt Stoneking, Director, OPEX Asia Pacific (APAC).

“There is a vast network of organisations that resell and service our scanning technology in the region. We are eliminating informational barriers for our end users with collateral materials and web content to directly provide them the information they need to make educated decisions and to find the right solutions.”

OPEX’s document imaging platforms greatly reduce document preparation pre-scanning. OPEX solutions such as the Falcon Scanner Series easily process different thicknesses of paper, handle fragile or damaged documents without pre-sorting, and scan X-rays and three-dimensional objects saving time and money. The technology ensures safe and secure document transformation that makes sense, guarding against costly data breaches.

“We eliminate most of the prep in the scanning process with intelligent technology that saves process time,” said Stoneking. “The automation also reduces the chain of custody - that is, fewer people are needed to handle documents. This reduces the chance of losing or mis-associating documents in addition to saving labour hours.”

“As more customers move to automate their mail and document imaging operations globally, they turn to our solutions time and again,” said Mark Stevens, Chief Operating Officer, OPEX. “We have seen solid growth company-wide in the past few years, and I am enthusiastic about the opportunities in store for our customers in the APAC region.”

Visit digitiseyourdocuments.com.au or contact DMA_APAC@opex.com for more about OPEX technology solutions in the APAC region.