Indico and UiPath Partner on Unstructured Content Challenges

Indico, a provider of enterprise AI solutions for intelligent process automation, has announced a new partnership with UiPath. The collaboration targets the challenge of automating workflows that involve large amounts of unstructured content; e.g., all the documents, emails, text, and images that make up over 80% of the data in most enterprises. 

Unlike traditional approaches to unstructured content that generally involve some combination of OCR templates, rules, regex, or taxonomies, Indico’s approach uses Transfer Learning to build custom models known as “docbots” which can be trained on fewer than 200 examples.  These docbots are able to perform custom classification, extraction and transformation tasks on unstructured content to help customers automate critical business functions in conjunction with UiPath’s RPA solution.

“UiPath has transformed the ability of enterprises to automate critical business processes and gain dramatic efficiencies as a result,” said Tom Wilde, CEO of Indico.

“The next wave of automation involves the ability to understand and make automated decisions about unstructured content in the enterprise. Working with UiPath, we are providing users with the ability to bring those same time and cost savings to critical business processes that are dependent on content such as text, images, documents and emails, which has been very difficult to automate.”

As a certified UiPath partner, Indico is now available to users on UiPath Go. Documents and other unstructured content can be automatically routed to Indico where it is translated into structured content and returned to UiPath for execution of business rules downstream. The integration is accessed through a REST API and deployed within customers’ existing infrastructure.

Sample use cases include business processes involving contract analytics, audit planning and reporting, RFP analysis and composition, sales opportunity workflow automation, customer support analysis and automation, appraisal and claims analysis.