Streamline replies to email correspondence in HPE CM

Haven't we all been in that position at work when we are performing a task and we think to ourselves, “why isn’t there a quicker, better way to do this?” But we push on and continue to do the same long-winded process to achieve the same outcome; day after day, thinking everyone is in the same boat.

Why is it the simple processes that get over looked? It is often these simple, mundane, repetitive tasks that are so easy to automate and are such a quick win for user uptake. This is exactly what has happened at City of Wodonga .

During a recent HPE Content Manager implementation project undertaken by solution provider Kapish at the City of Wodonga, Team Leader of Applications and Information Management, Matthew Garoni put the question to Kapish… “is there an easier way to capture emails and all their replies in an email chain? We really want a simpler process to relate all the emails and have them saved in the same location in CM so each email is easy to navigate to.

“Kapish  have a similar feature for responding to correspondence using MS Word with the Kapish Word Add-in. Surely we can extend on that to do the same for emails using MS Outlook?“

From that small question, grew a simple but effective solution … Kapish Outlook Reply Add-in.

The Kapish Outlook Reply Add-in allows users to initiate a reply from an existing email in HPE Content Manager, compose the reply in their native Outlook mail window and then save the reply email in HPE CM.

During this procedure Kapish Outlook Reply Add-in performs a lot of helpful tasks behind the scenes to accelerate the reply process, such as:

  • Creating the reply email in the same format as the original email.
  • Inserting the default Outlook email signature into the newly-created reply email.
  • Using the Author and Addressee Location from the original email and swapping these for the reply record.
  • Placing the newly-created record into the same CM Container (if applicable).
  • Relating the two emails to each other with a standard relationship.

The user maintains full control over the look and feel of the reply email and the ability to attach other documents, both from local Network drives and HPE Content Manager.

Kapish Outlook Reply Add-in is the simplest way to reply to HPE Content Manager emails and create the relationship between the two records.

If you are looking to cut your email reply time in half, get in touch with Kapish email: or phone: (03) 9017 4943 .