eCopy ShareScan simplifies document capture workflow                            

Nuance has announced eCopy ShareScan 6.0, a new version of its Multifunction Printer (MFP) capture solution. The new version makes it easier for organisations to deploy, administer and secure document capture workflows.

For knowledge workers, the new capabilities enhance productivity, including integration with Nuance Business Connect extending the ability for remote workers using mobile devices to capture and securely insert documents and images into business processes.

“Document capture technology continues to grow in strategic importance for organisations of all sizes,” said Ron Glaz Imaging & Printing Research Director at IDC.

“Productivity demands, complex paper-intensive workflows, proliferation of mobile devices and document security concerns are just a few of the drivers elevating the demand for capture technology that integrates with today’s workforce and business processes.”

eCopy ShareScan is best suited for people who need to capture hardcopy documents into workflows where the information is being used for personal productivity and sharing with collaborators. For these users, scan workflows are not core functions of their job.

eCopy ShareScan provides a capture solution that is consistent, standardised and easy-to-learn to ensure they can successfully complete all tasks while at a Multifunction Printer (MFP). eCopy ShareScan delivers fail-safe features like document preview, real-time confirmation and consistent workflow.

New features of eCopy ShareScan 6.0 include:

Integration with Nuance Business Connect - Through this new integration with eCopy ShareScan, organisations can extend the use of mobile devices to enable access to eCopy ShareScan workflows.

Enhanced worker productivity - For users, new Personalised Workflows and other features allow users to tailor the workflow by defining destinations, naming the file, scanning parameters and more. Further, the RapPID preference features remember the user’s settings to pre-fill workflows based on recent activity. eCopy ShareScan’s Scriptable Workflow enables the development of custom scripts through Nuance Professional Services for greater workflow versatility and connectivity to virtually any backend system. The new forms overlay extender enables document related data to populate pre-defined templates, improving efficiency and consistency of operations in applications such as client onboarding and insurance claims management. The addition of simplified Chinese and Japanese at the user interface, as well as Arabic OCR expand global reach for the MFP while simplifying installation and administration of the solution.

Increased document security - eCopy ShareScan secures content at the MFP to ensure document information is protected. Through an integration with Windows Active Directory, users have secure session log-on, providing access to the secure company directory, network folders and email address books, while ensuring only authorised users have access to the solution. New features enhance enterprise-grade communications security protocols and enable organisations to reinforce global security policies through the MFP. In addition, new content-based security capabilities monitor scanned documents and flag administrators with email alerts in the event protected content is detected.

Easy installation and customised workflow creation - eCopy ShareScan 6.0 reduces the need for IT intervention, by making it easy to install, deploy and customise the solution. System administrators can use a new, intelligent visual workflow editor to create workflows on the administrator console and test them prior to making them available to users. System administrators can create “scan to” buttons that convert scanned images into multiple file formats including PDF along with index metadata, searchable text, and custom file names, and then distribute them to multiple destinations.

“eCopy ShareScan 6.0 will help to further cement what is already a proven and very popular workflow solution in the Asia-Pacific market. The inclusion of simplified Chinese and Japanese at the user interface, highlights our continued commitment to the region in delivering world-class business solutions.  In addition, the integration with Nuance’s Mobile Business Connect provides enhanced opportunities for optimising in-field based workflows through secure mobile capture from a smart phone” said Nathan Taylor, Vice President Nuance Document Imaging, Asia Pacific.

Nuance eCopy ShareScan will be available to partners in June.