harmon.ie Collage add-on for Outlook

harmon.ie has announced that its Outlook add-on, Collage, is now available for free on the Microsoft Office Store. Collage is described as topic-driven interface to help users focus on what matters most, by leveraging the environment where they are most comfortable: email.

Using artificial intelligence and incorporating Microsoft Graph recommendations into its patent-pending machine learning technology, Collage, promises to enable workers to concentrate on their most important activities.

The Collage Outlook add-on surfaces key topics contained in email messages and then identifies related notifications from a range of business applications, document management systems, and social tools such as Office 365, Salesforce, Zendesk, Yammer, and more.

By identifying topics that span a range of information sources, the company says Collage enables workers to see the big picture. Then, it enables the workers to take action and share updates from within their Outlook window, without losing focus or context, or being forced to toggle between disparate application interfaces.

“By bringing all the information workers need to do their jobs directly into the email client, Collage is leveraging the popularity and universality of email with core digital workplace principles and the future of work,” said harmon.ie CEO Yaacov Cohen.

“In an increasingly best-of-breed cloud world, workers need a topic-driven interface to bring it all together. Slack and others are proposing similar ideas using bots, but rather than deploying yet one more piece of proprietary technology, the existing email client is the place where people already spend their day. It is the natural place to become the modern command center for digital workers.”