Digital mailroom patent issued to Top Image Systems

Top Image Systems (TIS) has been awarded a US patent for its unique method for mail classification and automatic response generation.

This patent protects the Company’s proprietary expertise in the area of automated document comprehension that TIS eFLOW software leverages to more closely mimic human processing of content and context.

This is employed in the company’s Digital Mailroom solutions that offer intelligent document recognition and precise classification capabilities for automated customer communications management.

Digital mailroom solutions maximise straight-through processing of incoming content, rapidly and accurately classifying, prioritising and routing the extracted business data to the right processes and persons to ensure timely, effective customer-centric business operations

“Top Image Systems has earned its reputation as a leader in intelligent content capture and document processing automation by continually investing in innovative R&D that maintains our technological edge,” commented Carsten Nelk, CTO, Top Image Systems.

“This patent is another proof point of our position in the automated mail management space. Advanced classification and response generation are key components of effective customer communication management and customer-centric business process automation solutions; together with our partners TIS will continue to be an important player in this market.”