Information Analytics

Newgen Software, a global provider of low code digital transformation platform, has now integrated with Microsoft Azure Applied AI Services for enhanced automation, and support for Azure Form Recognizer for intelligent document processing.

CompTIA, the provider of vendor-neutral skills certifications and education for technology workers, has expanded its credentialing program into the data skills arena with the introduction of CompTIA Data+.

Alteryx, Inc. has issued findings from a commissioned IDC Infobrief, which reveals that approximately 62.4 billion data and analytic work hours are lost annually worldwide - the equivalent to almost 100,000 human lifetimes. While data and analytics power the digital-first enterprise, this study reports 95 percent of organizations are still being challenged by creating analytic outcomes from the terabytes of complex raw data piling up across the business.

AI startup nRoad has introduced its Convus Natural Language Processing (NLP) platform, purpose-built for financial services with deep, domain-centric, machine learning models.

Digital transformation has accelerated significantly due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the extra demands on data scientists have revealed significant barriers to effective working and high levels of job dissatisfaction in some areas. For example, around four in 10 are dissatisfied with their company’s use of analytics and model deployment, while more than 20 barriers to effective working emerged, according to a survey of data scientists commissioned by SAS.

ZL Tech has announced advancements to its SaaS platform to enable organizations to extract insights buried in "people" data such as emails and documents, which embodies the human side of the organization. It claims companies can now answer essential questions about people, projects, and teams, such as: Who has the most impact? Who knows what? What does my workforce care about? And how do they feel?

Access Innovations, Inc. has announced the launch of Data Harmony Hub, a cloud-based platform that provides fully automated content tagging using expertly curated taxonomies. Users can easily and quickly select from a variety of existing taxonomies that are continuously maintained and updated.  

A few years ago, a lot of software industry folks (including myself) bet big-time that organizations would invest heavily in the Redundancy, Obsolete and Trivial (ROT) data management use case. 

The Department of Education, Skills and Employment (DESE) is tasked with a broad undertaking as its work impacts the lives of every Australian citizen. Its work begins when Australian children first enter kindergarten and carries on right through secondary schooling. It even delivers the skills, vocational training and higher education that maximise employment opportunities and strengthen the national economy.

Newgen Software is acquiring India-based Number Theory, an AI/ML (artificial intelligence and machine learning) data science platform company.