Document AI without the ‘Hallucinations’

Eigen Technologies (Eigen), an intelligent document processing (IDP) developer, has announced the global availability of its new integration with GPT. This option allows users to combine Eigen’s no-code AI-powered platform with the power of GPT.

The integration means that Eigen customers can now choose to use OpenAI's GPT model alongside Eigen's proprietary machine learning (ML) for intelligent automation and document processing purposes.

Eigen users will be able to choose between using GPT, or any other large language models (LLM), as an alternative to BERT to enhance Eigen’s Instant Answers and extraction capabilities.

Eigen Instant Answers enables users to build models 3x faster and is designed for users who need high-accuracy data quickly, particularly from complex documents such as contracts, reports and prospectuses.

The combined offering integrates GPT with the Eigen platform’s full workflow, which enables the comprehensive management of usable data from document through to post-processing.

Critically, the optional integration gives Eigen customers the choice to use GPT where they see fit, ensuring users have full control and transparency over its use. By doing so it enables business users to overcome one of the biggest barriers to using LLMs by guarding against errors and hallucinations.

The information retrieval and prompt engineering features in the Eigen GPT integration provide additional guardrails to protect the user from these risks.

“We know from talking to customers, partners, and the wider market that while there is huge excitement about LLMs, many organisations are unsure of how best to start using them in a real business context. The Eigen GPT integration is the solution to this challenge,” said Dr Lewis Z. Liu, Eigen’s founder & CEO. 

“We know from our experience working with complex document and data challenges in the financial services and insurance sectors that it takes a full platform to deliver true automation. That requires domain specific knowledge, clear model governance that includes human-in-the-loop where necessary and end-to-end workflow.

“Eigen provides all of this along with our market-leading accuracy rates, combined with the power of GPT. For many of our customers this combination is proving to be an excellent way of introducing GPT into their automation processes.”