Information Analytics

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) vendor AntWorks is promising to transform the way commercial insurance companies manage and process their documents with the launch of Insurants.

For asset owners and asset managers alike, data silos are a silent productivity killer.  The antidote is democratising data. By democratising access to data, institutional investors empower their employees and stakeholders to make timelier and more confident investment decisions, transform their operating models and deliver a superior client experience.

Immuta has announced the release of Immuta Discover, a new product for automated tagging and classification on cloud data platforms. Immuta Discover enables data teams to establish and maintain highly accurate metadata for the primary purpose of data access control, monitoring and regulatory compliance. 

Shift Technology, a provider of AI-powered decision optimization solutions for the global insurance industry, has announced the integration of generative artificial intelligence (AI) functionality across its suite of products.

AI has garnered a lot of attention in Australia and globally over the last years as businesses increasingly explore the potential to anchor their operational strategies in artificial intelligence. While big tech companies including Microsoft has stated that generative AI could add $40 billion to their top line and the generative AI market could drive an almost $7 trillion increase in global GDP, the big news is that  75% of companies expect to adopt AI technologies over the next five years and according to Deloitte, there will be seven times as much invested annually in AI by Australian businesses in 2020 compared to today.

Data orchestration platform PurpleCubeAI has announces its latest offering, Cognitive Data Insights, offering English language querying on both structured and unstructured data, automated data quality assessment and improvement and automated business glossary generation, enrichment, and standardization.

Cognizant and Vianai will leverage conversational Large Language Model capabilities to help users better explore their data, predict outcomes and unlock actionable insights.

Ground Labs has announced the release of GLASS which simplifies the creation and deployment of custom data patterns for Enterprise Recon, Ground Labs' flagship data discovery and management solution.

Chief Data Officers across Australia’s public sector face significant challenges in implementing new and innovative data strategies within their organisations due to a lack of internal appreciation, according to new research from Qlik.

iManage has launched a new AI engine built natively into its knowledge work cloud platform. The core of the new iManage AI solution is a document classification and enrichment engine that improves knowledge search and content workflows on the iManage platform.