Coveo wants all email to be searchable

Coveo wants all email to be searchable

September 23, 2009:The Coveo Enterprise Email Search package is a new offering from the company that promises to provide access to all email and attachments across the enterprise, whether offline in all employees` desktop PST files, or online, on live email servers and in email archiving platforms.

Traditional email search enables only the employee to access his or her desktop email, reducing knowledge sharing and creating roadblocks to information access.

Coveo now provides access to all unified email sources via user desktop and web interfaces, ormobile devices such as the BlackBerry, including precise navigation within the content.

Coveo Enterprise Email Search provides both cross-enterprise email search and discovery, and permission- or rules-based access for employees to search the combined email of theirworkgroups, former colleagues and other specific groups of email within the organization.

It is powered by the Coveo Enterprise Search 6.0 platform.