ArchiveOne Express solves email archiving

ArchiveOne Express solves email archiving

September 15, 2009:Messaging company C2C has unveiled ArchiveOne Express, a new archicing solution specifically designed for organisations with 20 to 200 Microsoft Exchange mailboxes.

ArchiveOne Express also includes C2C’s new ArchiveOne CloudDR option for automated cloud-based disaster recovery, entering beta this month.

Configuration is wizard-driven and with a few clicks of a mouse, ArchiveOne Express will deliver sophisticated analytical search and email storage management. Additionally, if users have scattered ‘email databases’ of their own in PSTs, ArchiveOne Express will discover and consolidate those files to the central archive without end-user involvement.

“Our research has indicated that the small business market understands the benefits of email archiving, but is turned off by either entry-level products lacking depth or the cost of the top tier products or the lack of ability to grow over time with appliance models,” said Dave Hunt, CEO of C2C.

“ArchiveOne Express provides many of the award-winning features of the ArchiveOne product family, protecting multinational companies, yet is easier to install and configure than desktop software. We have created a compelling value for a smaller business looking for a top tier email archiving solution and all for under $US40 per mailbox.”

ArchiveOne Express provides access to C2C’s new CloudDR option, now in beta, a remote automated disaster recovery service that connects users to offsite storage over a regular Internet connection to help defend against a local outage or due to natural disasters, extreme weather, data corruption, or sabotage.

CloudDR mirrors the local NAS, DAS or SAN archive data store and easily and securely transmits data without expensive software, hardware or high-end connectivity, and is dramatically more reliable and more affordable than shipping tapes offsite. Customers purchasing ArchiveOne Express now through the end of 2009 will receive CloudDR for a free three-month trial.

ArchiveOne Express will be available through C2C’s channel of systems integrators and VARs with trial downloads available on List price for ArchiveOne Express is less than $US795 for 20 users.

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