Information for the global economy

Information for the global economy

With e-business one of the key concepts this year, organisations are seeking to gain as much information as possible to discover how they can exploit IT to benefit their business.

The Institute for Information Management's (IIM) annual conference and exhibition will explore the strategies to gain competitive advantages through the digital community the Internet has engendered.

The four day event, titled Global Information in the 21st Century, will canvas virtual organisations, e-commerce, knowledge management, global legal developments in the electronic market, emerging technologies and online service provision.

The two conference days will divide into streams, such as e-publishing, information security, call centres and strategies, and techniques and tools, which will explore enabling technologies such as imaging, document management and workflow.

International and local presentations from vendors and analysts will explore the realities of an information economy through these areas. Local case studies will add a practical element to the sessions.

Two workshops will be held on the final day, on knowledge management as part of the intranet, and on utilising electronic information to maximise return on investment.

The IIM 2000 Conference and Exhibition will be held from May 14-17 at the Melbourne Convention Centre. For information contact 03 9662 9619 or visit