Open Text secures fax future

Open Text has updated its fax solutions to work with Exchange Server 2010 , also providing the ability to access fax from mobile devices.

Open Text developed the Exchange Connector for Exchange Server 2010, which routes faxes into and out of the Exchange Server 2010 system using Open Text Fax Server,RightFax Edition, a solution offered as part of the Open Text ECM Suite.

When a fax comes into an enterprise, Exchange Server 2010 Unified Messaging forwards it to the Open Text Fax Server, which processes the document so it can be transmitted to and viewed within Microsoft Office Outlook as a native fax message. It then routes the fax through Exchange Server to the recipient’s Outlook inbox.

The original fax appears as an e-mail attachment that a user can select and view. Users can also send e-mail messages and attachments to the Fax Server from their Outlook inbox for faxing to recipients outside the enterprise.

Faxes are digitally protected, helping to prevent loss or unauthorised viewing of documents. Logging and auditing features provide the ability to review and track all faxes from sender to recipient.