Kroll Ontrack launches PowerControls 6.0

Kroll Ontrack has announced the availability of Ontrack PowerControls version 6.0, providing enhanced manageability for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010.

In addition to compatibility with the most current version of Exchange Server, Ontrack PowerControls 6.0 specifically supports the Exchange Personal Archive mailbox feature.

Associated with a user’s primary mailbox, the Personal Archive provides users with direct access to e-mail within the archive, just as they would their primary mailboxes. With Ontrack PowerControls 6.0, IT administrators can search, restore, export and report all mailbox data, including archived items, in one centralised tool. This functionality simplifies time-intensive and intricate IT functions including: restoring single mailboxes, identifying potentially relevant data for legal discovery or compliance, and exporting data for further investigation or business continuity purposes.

It also supports the Exchange Recoverable Items feature. Exchange 2010 is equipped with retention management policies, which allows IT to retain and place a hold on e-mail that a user has edited or deleted. Supporting Recoverable Items ensures comprehensive management of all e-mail associated with Exchange including Recoverable Items, in addition to primary mailboxes and Personal Archives.

“As companies deploy Exchange 2010, IT professionals must consider and ensure that various policies, procedures and systems can support the latest version. Through Kroll Ontrack’s commitment to supporting Microsoft Exchange administrators, Ontrack PowerControls 6.0 ensures that IT’s Exchange 2010 migration requirements are met,” said Adrian Briscoe, General Manager – APAC, Kroll Ontrack.

“Furthermore, using Ontrack PowerControls 6.0 to copy existing mailboxes to the new Exchange 2010 server offers IT administrators a unique migration path that does not require an old server to be online simultaneously with the new server. This eliminates the work required to prepare an old server or capably coexist with Exchange 2010.”