FASTcase has security in the bag

Thales Australia has launched FASTcase – a secure and portable communications system that fits in a briefcase.

Designed for military, government and commercial use, FASTcase gives users the flexibility to access their organisation’s network via the public Internet, and travel safe in the knowledge their sensitive information is protected.

“FASTcase is a breakthrough in secure communications,” said Ian Irving, Vice President in charge of Thales’s Land & Joint Systems activities in Australia.

“Until now, people requiring top level security on the move have been forced to rely on bulky and very obvious units the size of small suitcases.

“With FASTcase, you have leading edge technology packed into a briefcase. This gives users far more flexibility to communicate and access their networks, wherever in the world they are.”

FASTcase comprises a secure tamper-proof unit and an optional Thales datacryptor for peak performance.

Covering both voice and data channels, FASTcase provides encryption and decryption for data from Unclassified up to Restricted/Protected. When used with a Thales mini DCAP (Datacryptor Advanced Performance), it provides the same security up to Secret/Highly Protected.

As a self-contained unit with mains, DC and battery power options, FASTcase allows a wide range of operating scenarios. Its various connectivity options enable users to maintain their connection and continue working, even when switching networks or service providers – for example, from a hotel Ethernet to a public 3G network.

The system can be used to protect communications for a single user or an entire remote site by providing multiple secure interfaces. FASTcase supports different network configurations with features like protected subnets and DHCP pass-through. It is also suitable for thin-client systems, as well as standard computers and laptops.