Autonomy takes email archiving to the cloud and beyond

Autonomy is offering organisations the choice of on-site, cloud or appliance-based solutions for email archiving with a new offering based on the company's Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL) Server.

Each is able to ingest, de-duplicate, index and extract metadata from all data types, including audio, video, web sites and SharePoint files.

"Autonomy ZANTAZ has a deep heritage in email archiving and now organizations are offered a broader range of solutions to help them manage their email archives effectively," said Mike Sullivan, CEO of Autonomy ZANTAZ.

"The Autonomy's consolidated archiving solutions represent a turning point for organizations' email management, eDiscovery and governance initiatives.

"By providing the industry's most comprehensive and cost effective email archiving and management platform, organizations no longer need to handle the daunting task of email archiving by themselves. Autonomy is empowering global corporations and law firms of all sizes to compete and thrive in today's turbulent and fast changing business environment."

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