Equitrac 5 attacks unnecessary printing

Nuance Communications Australia has announced new versions of its Equitrac intelligent print management software, Equitrac Office 5 and Equitrac Express 5.

The new versions of Equitrac address print challenges created by the influx of mobile devices, mixed printer fleets, and workers on the move inside the enterprise. Versions 5 allow users to print how they want and where they want, while removing IT dependencies on print servers and management of print drivers.

A new I-Queue feature enables enterprise-wide printing without the need to process print jobs through print servers. I-Queue printing moves the processing of print jobs from the print server to individual user desktops, eliminating server costs and cutting network print traffic by 50 percent. 

In addition, a repository called the driver store, where all print drivers for every output device on the network are stored, automatically manages print drivers for IT. Rather than manage individual print drivers for each desktop client, IT departments only need to ensure drivers within the driver store are up to date. 

The driver store automatically selects the right print driver for a user as needed, based on the client location and device, enabling users to print documents without concern for which printers may be available or whether print drivers have been loaded to their computer.

Other new features include:

  1. Hybrid Print Control  technology provides users with a choice of how to deploy printing while retaining Nuance’s print management features. Equitrac’s Hybrid Print Control provides a single print management platform that supports enterprises in server-based environments, using I-Queue and, in many cases, environments that support both deployment types.
  2. For situations where organisations need to provide secure print access to guests, or don’t want to invest in authentication hardware at a device, Equitrac has extended its Web Release functionality to support secure document release using a web browser – either on a separate PC next to the printer, or now from their mobile device. With Mobile Web Release, users can follow the Follow-You Printing workflow through a simple workflow displayed on their mobile device to release their  jobs and charge them to the appropriate account. To locate the printer that they want to release their job to users simply select the printer from a list, or can scan a QR Code associated with the printer to automatically select that device.
  3. With the Equitrac Capture & Send add-on, print and scan workflows can now be executed from a single application, allowing users to quickly and easily send scanned documents to email, fax, network folders or Microsoft SharePoint. For users this means reduced time at the MFP and enhanced productivity and documents are instantly inserted into the appropriate workflow. IT administrators benefit from a single console for deploying, configuring and managing both print and scan capabilities.
  4. The new web-based system manager for user management extends the functionality of the existing client-based Equitrac System Manager to allow administrators to perform commonly executed tasks from any Web browser. Secure login capabilities and Windows single sign-on support, combined with support for Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari make web-based administration a reality for any organization.

“While IT grapples with cloud, consumerisation of IT and increasing demands of highly mobile workers, Equitrac is the single solution to satisfy the changing demands around printing,” said Michael Rich, General Manager and Senior Vice President for Nuance’s Document Imaging Division. 

“Nuance is helping IT deploy print services regardless of the configuration with fewer complexities while empowering organisations to save money, increase security and customise controls.”