Many views of SharePoint with OnePlaceMail 6.4

Scinaptic Communications promises speedier access to content from desktop applications with the latest update to OnePlaceMail, the company’s solution for improving connections between SharePoint and Outlook, Microsoft Office and Windows Explorer.

To support this in Release 6.4, OnePlaceMail’s existing “Insert from SharePoint”, “Open from SharePoint” and “Save to SharePoint” windows have been enhanced with support for SharePoint Views and Column rendering.

Release 6.4 also adds some significant enhancements to the “Insert from SharePoint” Window that multiply the range of ways that content can be viewed and accessed.

SharePoint Items displayed in the selected view can be further refined using the column heading filters. This provides a fast way to locate an item in SharePoint.

The “Open from SharePoint” window now allows the user to explore SharePoint (security trimmed), recent locations, bookmarked locations and Site Mailboxes to open documents. This capability is available from Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) and allows the items to open in the browser or native application.

These same enhancements are provided to the Location Content tab of the ‘Save to SharePoint’ windows. This helps streamline the task of locating an item in SharePoint (to replace, version or copy metadata from).

With the launch of SharePoint 2013, Microsoft introduced a new concept called Site Mailboxes to help address integration between Outlook and SharePoint and provide better information management capability. This feature is now supported in OnePlaceMail R6.4 which works alongside Site Mailboxes to extending their capabilities.

For instance, OnePlaceMail R6.4 adds the ability to tag content with custom metadata (Columns) when saving to SharePoint 2013 Site Mailboxes. Email attributes are also captured automatically when saving email attachments or emails.

It also provides the unique ability to access SharePoint Document Management capabilities from within Site Mailboxes, or switch to Exchange Style views of Site Mailboxes if preferred.

An alternate default view is offered in this version of OnePlaceMail, which presents an Explorer View along with all other public and private views available for the selected location. If you prefer the initial view presented to contain specific SharePoint columns, filtering criteria, column grouping and sorting, OnePlaceMail allows you to define a view to present by default. Therefore, the initial view shown to the user is not restricted to either the explorer view or the default view of the library. The SharePoint Navigation Tree (used in Save, Open, Insert windows) has been enhanced to provide more flexibility when designing your solutions. The Folder structure can be driven from a custom SharePoint view and Release 6.4 provides the ability for you to define a view within the selected library/list to control the Folders / Document Sets presented within the SharePoint Navigation Tree.

James Fox, Director, Scinaptic Communications, said, ‘Release 6.4 is all about bringing SharePoint to the end user - The Insert and Open from SharePoint capability in OnePlaceMail has been significantly enhanced in R6.4 to provide fast access to content stored within SharePoint.  The Insert from SharePoint, used to insert links or attachments into an email, now supports public and private views as configured in SharePoint.  

“This includes presenting all the standard SharePoint columns and adhering to Group by, sorting and filtering criteria.  We’ve also provided the ability to further refine the view content with advanced column filtering.

“These same enhancements have also been made to the Open from SharePoint.

 “With faster access to content stored within SharePoint, combined with the streamlined capture and classification of content provided by OnePlaceMail, Release 6.4 delivers greater end user productivity and promotes the adoption of solutions on the SharePoint platform.”

OnePlaceMail 6.4 provides fast access to content stored in SharePoint with full support for SharePoint views, including Group By, Sorting, Columns


Tag content for better classification within SharePoint.

Toggle from Exchange Style Views to SharePoint views with OnePlaceMail 6.4.