Transforming the business bottomline

Companies around the globe are recognising the need to convert purchase orders, invoices, and payments to electronic formats. There are many vendors responding to this demand an equally global basis with solutions to managing the internal processing of documents and invoices.  There are also others offering hosted network solutions to connect organisations wishing to electronically exchanging electronic payment (ePayment) and remittance data.

Bottomline Technologies is a company that straddles both these markets, with its own global settlement network, Paymode-X, as well as internal solutions for organisations that wish to streamline business processes.

Bottomline has recently introduced a new EIM (Enterprise Information Management) solution called Transform. It can be used as a stand-alone solution, or for a specific document requirement and still integrates fully with, and within an existing ERP/financials system. It has also been designed with specific connectors to Microsoft Dynamics AX, the Oracle platform suite and SAP.  The modular solution is also available in a dedicated application for accounts payable usage, Transform AP, and includes capture, OCR/ICR and workflow tools. 

Transform works by first recognising data from any source, reformats the information into the back office and uses an SQL database as the document repository, then routes the information to any location. Delivery of inbound and outbound documents can be automated using indexing, or via barcoding and digital signatures. Captured documents along with third party documents from various sources that can be merged into one seamless PDF. Users can also view documents from within the synchronised accounting application. 

The multi-channel distribution options, including print (PCL, ZPL and post script languages) fax, email, XML, web services or HTML enables rapid, cost-effective and customised document delivery. All of this is done with centralised control, tracking, and online approvals via email notification. Barcoding and email signatures can be generated to facilitate this process. 

Transform also provides the freedom to alter and change document design ‘on the fly’ using wizards while a test environment allows businesses to complete end to end process testing before deploying the project or document.    

Features include:

- Automated matching of PO-based invoices 

- Online G/L coding with integrated ERP matching and validation for PO-based invoices;

- Automated approval routing, including email notifications and escalation rules, to accelerate processing cycles for non-PO based invoices;

- No incremental ERP or ECM licensing costs for non-AP users in the approval cycle;

- Electronic imaging and archive capabilities that reduce paper storage and handling costs;

- Storage of multiple, related document types, including purchase orders, check copies and remittance advices, as well as other ad hoc documents, to provide a comprehensive view of each transaction; and

Enhanced reporting via an interactive dashboard, including sophisticated options for viewing and analysing data in the system