Notes 9 intros social email

IBM has unveiled Notes and Domino Social Edition 9, claiming it represents the industry's first fully integrated "social email" solution by offering a central hub to access all of your collaboration tools, from social media and email to group activities, blogs and more.

A single interface can be used to check email, activity streams update fileshares and view blog posts.

It even offers connectors that bring these capabilities to those who persist in using Microsoft Outlook and Exchange.

The capabilities are available across mobile devices (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10), IBM's SmartCloud platform, on-premise or in hybrid implementations.

"For example, through a single interface an employee who is working on a new marketing project can check email as well as activity streams containing the latest work from each team member, share files with colleagues, view new blogs on topics relevant to the subject and more," says IBM.

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