Kofax takes AP automation solution mobile

Kofax has announced the launch of MarkView for Accounts Payable 8.0, a mobile solution for the automated capture and processing of accounts payable (AP) information.

Cameras in mobile devices can be used  to capture, view, manage and approve information from receipts and invoices within a secure chain-of-custody that includes AP processes and workflows.

Kofax MarkView for Accounts Payable is a capture enabled financial process automation application for AP and other functions. It automates the receipt and capture of paper and electronic invoices, extracts relevant data from that content, perfects it and then manages the information into workflows for routing transactions through exception handling and approval processes. 

Kofax MarkView leverages Kofax Mobile Capture, which allows mobile devices to become viable tools for information capture and automation solutions. Once captured, an image cannot be altered or tampered with and does not remain on the mobile device.

“Kofax MarkView for Accounts Payable addresses the most critical accounting functions facing organizations today – confirming, approving and paying invoices,” said Martyn Christian, chief marketing officer at Kofax. 

“Secure mobile functionality puts AP review and approval capabilities directly in the hands of the user, wherever located, which significantly speeds processes and provides better cash management. The benefits of a more timely and interactive mobile AP solution are apparent and invaluable.”