Twitter tool tackles social customer care

LogMeIn has announced the debut of new Twitter integration and social media capabilities for BoldChat, its web chat and multi-channel, online customer engagement offering. 

The new Twitter management capabilities in BoldChat are designed to help businesses and customer service agents manage the rapidly growing number of customer interactions on Twitter, such as managing and responding to tweets from a single interface, reporting on Twitter-based customer interactions and agent resources as well as auto-assigning conversations to suitable agents based on skill or availability. 

The new capabilities complement BoldChat’s multi-channel suite for web chat, email, SMS, and click-to-call features, and enhance customer interactions across pre-sales inquiries to post-sales support.

Aimed squarely at online sales, marketing and customer service teams, the new capabilities come as more and more consumers turn to Twitter as a primary service and support channel. Recent research shows that customers who posted enquiries on social channels will spend 21% more with companies that offer a great experience and are likely to tell 55 people about bad experiences, compared to sharing a good experience with only 42 people.

“Twitter is quickly becoming a go-to channel for customer engagement, but to date, managing these customer conversations has meant trying to turn a social media marketing tool into a customer service tool.  In contrast, BoldChat Twitter management is designed from the ground up for engaging and managing customer conversations,” said Steve Castro-Miller, VP, Chat Products, LogMeIn, Inc. 

“We believe that the right approach is not just adding one more social tool to the mix, but rather giving sales, marketing and customer service teams a single, unified tool for managing all customer interactions, regardless of channel.”

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