iqx portal delivers people power for SAP

Australian developer IQX Business Solutions has launched a packaged set of SharePoint web parts and forms that can be used to quickly configure a self-service portal for employee management for SAP.

ESS (Employee Self Service) for MySites enables common employee functions to be accessed via SharePoint including Personal Details, Leave Application & Balances, Leave Calendar and Payslips.

This configurable template solution supports both SAP and SharePoint workflow and does not require that the SAP user has deployed SAP’s Netweaver Portal or the DUET integration platform SAP developed in collaboration with Microsoft. IQX’s innovative “Template” approach allows for rapid but customised solutions incorporating pre-built components and minimal consulting services.

ESS for MySites is one of number of packaged business process solutions developed by IQX, founded by former SAP channel partners Dave Cole and Richard Frykberg along with technical director Alex Xie.

IQX is focussed on SAP users that need simple solutions for implementing business processes that require access to structured and unstructured data, both from SAP and non-SAP sources, e.g.  CRM, BI and other applications. The unstructured data may include emails, audio and video, drawings and plans, with internal and external participants.

In addition to its in-house developed solutions, IQX distributes a range of third party document management and analysis tools for SAP including GL Wand for Excel-based reporting and GLSU for Excel-based journal processing 

IQX has developed portals, forms-based solutions and mobile apps for SAP functions such as procurement, warehousing, maintenance and records of employee qualifications.

IQX sales and marketing director Dave Cole said, “These type of applications typically require a sophisticated SAP user who can bring together data from SAP, fileshares, SharePoint libraries and other data sources.

“This type of user requires a high level of proficiency and as a result a high ongoing investment in training, whereas our packaged solutions present the data through familiar SharePoint and Office interfaces and handle all the data integration.”

A recent project at UGL limited brought data from multiple SAP sources together with qualification documents and certificates stored in SharePoint to deliver a powerful and intuitive Qualifications Management Solution.

Greg Taylor, Head of Business Integration at UGL Limited said “IQX have helped us develop an attractive and practical SharePoint interface with SAP that dramatically improves our ability to manage workplace competencies. The IQX team were extremely responsive, listened to our requirements and provided some great ideas to help us deliver a winning solution which our end users love.”

Another series of Web parts and forms developed by IQX provides full employee, customer and vendor on-boarding solutions for SAP via SharePoint including external system access, document submission and live SAP validation and updates. The template solutions provide electronic forms, approval workflows and SAP integration to facilitate the timely, accurate and consistent setup of new data in SAP.

Template Solutions for ESS for MySites and IQ.Partner On-Boarding are both available for all versions of SAP from 4.7 upwards from $A19,990 with an optional 18% p.a Maintenance and Software Assurance fee. 

IQX is a privately owned Australian organisation based out of North Sydney. 

Enquiries Tel: (02) 9432 7813 Email: