ArcMail adds archiving support for SharePoint

ArcMail has launched a solution for archiving, searching and safeguarding data residing in SharePoint promising email compliance, data protection and rapid information retrieval services.

“Research indicates that up to 70 percent of organisations worldwide depend on the power of SharePoint in some way, which means securing the data it contains has become increasingly essential for businesses today,” said Rory Welch, president of ArcMail.

“Yet as the use of SharePoint expands over time, the associated data it generates grows at an exponential pace, and the process of storing, managing and searching through that data gets increasingly complex. That’s why we’ve dedicated significant resources to our new ArcMail for SharePoint solution – to provide our customers with an easy-to-use yet cost-effective way to manage and quickly retrieve SharePoint data.”

ArcMail SP is an all-in-one archiving solution that lets users search multiple, fully-indexed data sources simultaneously including SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange, Google Apps email (Gmail), IM and other messaging platforms. With ArcMail SP, all critical SharePoint files are securely stored and integrated into a single, centralised archive.

The solution captures, archives and indexes all SharePoint documents, including associated links and files, and safeguards them in ArcMail Defender or Cloud Gateway appliances.

ArcMail SP also supports standard records management policies for content preservation, remediation and retention.

It works through the use of a server agent that listens to events on the customer's SharePoint server and sends the associated documents to the customer’s ArcMail Defender or Cloud Gateway appliance. The appliance then archives and indexes the SharePoint data, making it searchable and available in seconds.

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