ArchiveOne extends email eDiscovery and search

C2C has announced the latest release of its ArchiveOne email archiving and management platform, with enhanced features for data archiving and disposition, PST file management and dynamic mobile access to email data.

Administrators now have multiple options for email disposition during archival including the ability to archive and stub, archive and delete the original email or archive email attachments only.

They can discover PST files that are either attached or detached from their originator's mailbox, and assign ownership to the PST files of former employees. Administrators also can select from a range of discovery, decision and disposition options before migrating the PST files and data into Exchange or the archive.

A new web portal provides for the integration of the searching and browsing of both live mail and archived mail from mobile devices and desktops. End users can search their production email data and archived data from anywhere, using their BlackBerry, iPhone, Android or Microsoft mobile or tablet device.

TheĀ  administrator console now allows for complete email search and browse features for "live" production emails, emails stored in users' PST files and archived email.

A 30-day trial is available.

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