Workshare Point 1.5 adds View navigation

Easy navigation of SharePoint Views when filing a document has been added to a new release of Workshare Point version 1.5 SharePoint and Microsoft Outlook integration software

SharePoint Views provide the alternative to viewing data within a library without the use of traditional folders. With Workshare Point 1.5 users can navigate SharePoint Views when filing a document, making it easier to organise, present, and consume data.

Access to managed metadata to achieve a more consistent use of terminology and better search results as well as allow centralised management.

When filing a document or email to a SharePoint 2010 Document Library with Workshare Point 1.5, users are presented with a dynamically generated profile screen based on storage location that can leverage the managed metadata service taxonomy for consistent and well-structured tagging of documents.

Workshare Point provides a way to:
* Drag and drop email attachments into SharePoint;
* Preview email messages stored in SharePoint from within Outlook;
* File emails on Send with one click;
* Select multiple emails to file or delete; and
* Track and manage incoming email more efficiently with suggestive filing.

“Organisations have invested in SharePoint and are looking for solutions to ensure adoption,” said Scott Smull, CEO of Workshare.

“This latest release allows users to better leverage SharePoint Views and managed metadata, and ultimately helps organsations increase SharePoint adoption through better access to SharePoint functionality.”

Workshare Point 1.5 is available for 14 day free trial download.