OnePlaceMail 6.2 gets inside SharePoint

New ‘Insert from SharePoint’ and ‘Open from SharePoint’ capabilities have been added to the latest release of OnePlaceMail 6.2, taking advantage of key SharePoint platform capabilities such as the Document ID feature (if enabled in 2010).

OnePlaceMail R6.2 provides the ability to insert links or attachments from Microsoft SharePoint when writing an email message. This discourages duplicate documents, reduce excessive storage in Microsoft Exchange or network traffic from emails with attachments.

Links can be added to items within a SharePoint Library (Document or Picture Library) or a SharePoint List (e.g. Event, Task, Issue, Custom list, etc…).

There is also the ability to browse for other SharePoint locations (Security Trimmed) using the SharePoint hierarchy tree, and SharePoint search capabilities are provided from within the Insert from SharePoint window.