ASALI launches email management add-on for SharePoint

Australia’s Clayko group has launched a software add-in to Microsoft Outlook that allows users to copy emails to SharePoint for enhanced records management, via subsidiary ASALI. Clayko is a document management specialist and SharePoint systems integrator that also operates a scanning bureau in Perth.
ASALI is designed to make it easy to capture, store, search and visually recreate a sequence of email events, with all emails stored centrally in SharePoint.

ASALI offers three core functions of Upload, Search and Visual Email Threading.  Upload allows users to copy and tag incoming and sent mail straight Outlook into the organisation’s central SharePoint repository. 
Search allows companies to view, sort, filter, group and perform transactional based queries across the entire organisation using the innovative Search Grid.  Unique to ASALI is its Visual Email Threading Viewer which allows businesses to visually recreate a sequence of email events without having to search and find them separately.

“ASALI has been created as a result of client feedback telling us they didn’t just want to capture emails, but they wanted to be able to easily find corporate emails including associated emails regardless of whether they were involved in that communication or not, and they wanted it in the context of their business, such as by project, client or supplier” commented Clayton Dorrington, Manager of Special Projects.

“This led us to focus on creating a strong and intuitive search, and the development of the ASALI Visual Email Threading viewer which visually recreates the sequence of email events into a tree hierarchy, making it easy to understand what was sent and by who.”

ASALI claims to be the first Email Management 2.0 compliant solution, with its ability to visually recreate corporate email communication threads.  It is aimed primarily at Management and Legal users who require the ability to quickly understand what was sent by employees.

ASALI has been released at an introductory price of $A77.00, with a recommended retail price of $A99.00 per licence.