Metadacte 2.0 tightens mobile email security

Litéra claims its newly launched Metadacte 2.0 product will allow companies to more easily prevent metadata leaks, especially from mobile devices.

On average 10% of e-mails are forwarded with uncleaned attachments, creating significant reputational and financial risk from the accidental sharing of sensitive information. Litéra’s enhanced version of the metadata removal software is designed to mitigate these risks further through new administrative and user controls.

Key new features include the ability to clean attachments in more file types such as password-protected zip files and embedded e-mail messages. Users can now be alerted when auto-detected tracked changes are present and define the action to be taken.

New administrative tools allow more granular control of excluded recipients and domains, enhanced reporting of users overriding default settings, enhanced active directory integration, streamlined installation process, improved load balancing and failover capabilities and variety of other enhancements designed to increase usability and performance.

Metadacte removes metadata from e-mail messages and their attachments (including Microsoft Office, PDF, image and ZIP files) sent via Outlook and other e-mail programs. It allows corporate administrators to enforce a centralised cleaning policy while providing the option for individual users to control settings in Outlook and determine what types of metadata are cleaned.

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