Faster moves for Exchange PST data

C2C has released version 2.2 of its PST Enterprise software tool to manage the elimination and migration of Microsoft Exchange PST data. It has been enhanced with additional PST file move and copy flexibility and end-user self service.

"Most companies understand that PST file management needs to be an integral component of their comprehensive retention management policy, and yet most haven't taken the required steps because when performed manually integrating PST file data into an archive can be a complex and time intensive endeavor," said Dave Hunt, CEO of C2C.

"Our latest version of PST Enterprise enhances the automation of PST file management processes while offering the dynamic flexibility to support retention policies of every type, without taxing valuable IT staff resources."

Now, if the IT administrator wishes, end users can choose what policy they want applied to any of their PST files. Users can select which files they wish to keep and which files they      wish to eliminate before the PST file is migrated to an archive or eliminated.

Once PST Enterprise discovers PST files it can automatically move the files to a specified location, such as from a local workstation to a file server, for future management or             retention.

Once a PST file has been moved or copied, administrators can select the automated completion options that best meet their retention policies, such as reconnect a PST to its Outlook profile, rename the local PST, or even delete the local PST.